Bayside Canker Sore Treatment and Removal

Special Note: Canker sores are a common side effect of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Whether you are a current patient or not, we want to help you get fast, immediate relief for this painful condition, free of charge. Simply call our office, and make an appointment for intraoral canker sore therapy. It’s fast, almost completely painless, and it is 100% on us.

The OpusDent laser provides one of the best technologies for successfully and effectively treating canker sores. Dr. Bram uses low power laser features to quickly and efficiently treat affected areas that can typically involve lip tissue, the tongue, inner cheek tissues and gingival areas.

Have questions about canker sores or other types of oral lesions? Contact Dr. Bram and his staff today at (718) 260-6175 to arrange a consult to determine if laser treatments can be used for correcting any tissue conditions you may have.