Dark, Black, or Purple Gums Treatment in Bayside, Queens

White and healthy teeth play a role in beautiful smiles, but having pink and good-looking gums may make it look more dazzling. People from some cultures, however, have unusual pigmentation on their gums. Some complain about the dark or brown splotches they have, while others speak of more pronounced discoloration that affects their smile. Whether your gums have a purple, red, brown, or black tint to them, melanin depigmentation (gum bleaching) can help.
This is where Dr. Gary Bram, a well-established dentist in Bayside, steps in to help.

? What are the causes of dark gums?

dark-gum-01 Causes may vary from one patient to another. Some may have excess melanin, carotene, or hemoglobin in their gum tissues. Having imbalanced distribution of pigments may trigger and contribute to the discoloration, which, in turn, causes a certain change in the gums’ appearance. This is what experts often refer to as black gums. Gum discoloration may be hereditary, but habits may also contribute to the condition. Poor oral hygiene, excessive smoking, and continuous intake of certain medications may cause imbalance in the gum tissues. Corroded metal fillings may also contribute to gum discoloration and other oral problems.

Melanin Pigmentation – Laser Treatment for Dark Gums Full Mouth Melanin Lasing Treatment


Melanin Pigmentation – Laser Treatment for Dark Gums Full Mouth Melanin Lasing Treatment

? What treatments are available for dark gums?

Few types of treatments are available to bring back the healthy and pink color of dark gum tissues. One of the most recommended solutions is the Erbium: YAG Laser. Developed using advanced dental technology, the procedure makes a suitable alternative to standard gum grafting procedures. The lasers are set at predefined power levels to alter melanin pigmentation and give the gums a healthy color. The Erbium Laser treatment requires minimum anesthesia and is relatively pain-free. Patients may feel slight itchiness after the treatment, but this may eventually disappear after a couple of days.

Melanin Pigmentation – Laser Treatment for Pink Gums Removing Melanin via OpusDent Laser


Melanin Pigmentation – Male Patient -- Pink Gum Treatment Full Mouth Melanin Lasing Treatment

Skilled application of the Erbium Laser and professional assistance may help overcome any degree of gum pigmentation problem. Renowned as a well-established cosmetic dentist in Bayside, Dr. Bram is among the few having adequate experience and knowledge in administering the laser melanin depigmentation treatment. His practice also has the equipment to bring desired results without resorting to invasive procedures. Whether you're suffering from brown gums, purple gums, black gums or brown gums, our dark gum bleaching treatment can give you the perfect gum color you are looking for. Contact our office if you want to know more about our dark gum treatment.