How We are Different

Many patients associate dentistry with negative experiences. Dental fears and phobias are a reality for people from all walks of life and different ages. Most can’t help but look back at previous negative experiences with dentists who used brute force or lacked compassion. Led by Dr. Gary Bram, every member of our practice is committed to giving you superior dental care to change whatever negative impressions you may have with dentistry. Whether you come to our practice in New York for dental implants, porcelain veneers, or other restorative solutions, our goal is to give you the best dental experience possible.

Everything You Need for a Successful Dental Implants Procedure: All Under One Roof

  At Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, all implant care is done under one roof. Whether it's examinations, scans, computer-guided technology, implant reconstruction or bone grafts, you will never have to see another dentist or specialist for your implant procedure. Dr. Bram is one of the most highly-skilled implant dentists in the entire Northeastern United States, and you are in great hands.  
We take pride in the excellent services and hospitality we offer patients in Bayside, Queens, and other parts of New York. Here are some reasons you may want to schedule your next appointment with us.

Sincere Compassion

Trust us; we understand just how anxious and apprehensive you are feeling about whatever dental procedure you’re about to undergo. Fear and apprehension are most likely why you’ve put off proper care for so long. Our goal isn’t to call you out on these mistakes – what matters is that you’ve made the choice to come to us for help.
We understand just how scary getting your oral health back in optimal condition may be, especially if you’re suffering from various dental problems. Our goal is to help you get back on track and ensure future maintenance of your dental health.

Approachability and Friendliness

We know that a support system is necessary to help relieve any apprehensions you may have. Our team will be that for you – you may count on us to be with you every step of the way. Genuine involvement is what sets us apart from others. We truly care about your overall wellbeing.

A Gentle Touch

Whether you’re scheduled for teeth in a day, mini or dental implants, or laser dentistry; trust that Dr. Bram and the hygienists and dental assistants will give you treatment with a gentle touch. Brute force is a thing of the past, and something you will never experience at our office.
We take every step to ensure you get the exceptional dental care you need and deserve. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Every one of us at Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram is looking forward to seeing you soon!

How Are We Different from Other Dental Practices?

Comfort, convenience, and advanced techniques are what set us apart from other dental practices in Queens and Long Island and nearby Mid-Atlantic areas. We remain committed to giving high quality care for all those who enter our office.
Working with your utmost satisfaction in mind, Dr. Bram and our staff aims to help you get that perfect smile in the most convenient ways.

Providing Advanced Dark Gum Treatment

We take pride in using advanced techniques you may not find from other dental practices. Dr. Bram is a New York dentist, and is known for being one of the few offering proprietary laser treatments for excess melanin deposits in the gum tissues. He is also one of the few dentists to achieve results without resorting to standard gum tissue grafting.

Using State-of-the-Art Equipment

In line with our dedication to providing quality care, we’ve taken extra measures to equip our facilities with state-of-the-art tools. We have advanced laser technology that provides accurate and relatively pain-free gum treatment. Using new technology, Dr. Bram may help produce results that go beyond what patients expect.

Servicing Out-of-State and International Patients

We welcome all patients requiring dental solutions, and have serviced patients from Australia, Germany and Yemen. We offer travel planning services to international and out-of-state patients to make sure their visits will be as convenient as possible. Our office manager will be more than glad to help find the most reasonable accommodation and transportation services that will provide easy access to our office.

Working Beyond Patient Expectations

Dr. Bram takes time developing treatment plans and providing possible cosmetic results with available solutions. He also provides complimentary evaluation that may help you make well-informed decisions for your treatment.

Bringing Back Your Smile

Your smile matters to us, which is why we always go the extra mile for possible dental solutions. Call us to schedule an appointment with our New York dentist for more information about our treatments.