Bayside Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is godsend for those who want fast and long-lasting results. It may help treat a wide range of oral problems, from teeth discoloration to gum problems.

Less Invasive Procedures

dental-checkup-square Laser dentistry gives way for less invasive options when treating different types of oral problems. Treatment involves using special lasers set at low power outputs. You don’t need stitches or any drilling done. Using these special lasers may also be applicable to a wide range of procedures, which gives you more treatment options.

Safe, Accurate, and Pain Free

Our laser dentistry goes beyond what traditional treatment can offer. The special lasers provide accuracy to avoid damaging surrounding tissues of the treated area. Developed using extensive dental research, the procedure is also proven safe. It’s relatively pain-free, as some patients may no longer need anesthesia during the treatment.

Fast Recovery

What’s great about laser dentistry is patients may have faster recovery than traditional treatments. Wounds may heal faster, as tissues regenerate over time. The special lasers may also help in blood clotting of exposed vessels, reducing risks of bacterial infections and blood loss. The treatment also leaves more healthy gum tissues so you can retain more of your teeth’s original structure.

Getting Laser Dental Treatment

As a well-renowned cosmetic dentist in Long Island, Dr. Bram places great value in your safety, convenience, and satisfaction. You’ll have to undergo a thorough dental examination to make sure laser dentistry can be a viable option for your condition. We’ll also recommend and discuss other treatment options to help you make well-informed decisions.
Watch and listen to Dr. Gary Bram talk about dental lasers.
The field of dentistry sees constant development and innovation. Tools and techniques are constantly evolving, all with the aim of giving patients a better overall dental experience. One of the latest and best ways to perform treatment with more precision and in less time is through laser dentistry – a service we offer at Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram. This solution works especially well for anxious dental patients seeking utmost safety and comfort when undergoing various dental procedures. The application of lasers in the field of dentistry is constantly expanding, allowing us to provide treatment with less pain and minimized recovery time. More than a reduced level of discomfort, there are many other advantages you may look forward to with laser dentistry. For example, the treatment eliminates the need for anesthesia in many dental procedures. You may stay completely aware during treatment without having to worry about experiencing any pain. There is also less damage to tissues surrounding the tooth structure, reducing the likelihood of bleeding and bacterial infection.
Dark Gums to Pink Gums - Lisa's Story
Specialized use of dental lasers in the treatments for various restorative and reconstructive needs has been around for quite awhile. Only during the past few years, however, has the science of these applications in dentistry become refined to the point that dentists who make the commitment to embrace the technology can offer procedures that other dentists cannot even hope to provide.

OpusDent Lasers – State of the Art

opusdent_duo_laser Dr. Bram’s operatories feature treatment procedures that are the envy of many local dentists and are prized by his patients. Everyday, routine dental treatments that once required minor anesthetic or at least discomfort on the patient’s part are virtually pain-free and practically undetectable by the patient. In our office, two different types of OpusDent technologies are used for treatment. Each type of laser technology incorporates differing principles of science that enable our doctor to perform a wider variety of precision procedures (such as dark gums treatment) that assure maximum comfort and convenience.

OpusDuo – Built-in Dual Technologies

This type of system combines (see picture above) an Er:YAG and SuperPulse™ CO2 laser into a single unit for a wide range of soft and hard tissue procedures. Dr. Bram is able to provide comfortable treatment that includes caries removal, canker sore / oral lesion treatment, cavity preparation, frenectomies, gingivoplasty, crown lengthening, dental implant preparations, and even below-gum-line cavity treatment…. with no need for local or general anesthesia. No white-knuckle dentistry!

Opus 5 Diode Laser

opus5_softtissuelaser2 A specially designed low power technology that is used primarily for soft tissue management. Dr Bram’s favorite technology for routine gum treatment includes the popular gum reshaping and contouring technique that typically accompanies smile makeover dentistry. Gummy smiles or uneven gum lines are a thing of the past. It is a very comfortable procedure for our patients.

Three Independent Configurations

Dr. Bram’s lasing equipment provides our patients a wider spectrum of treatment possibilities to select from. Perhaps two of the most popular features of these technologies are its ease of use and relatively pain-free treatments. Anesthetic is needed only rarely at the request of our patients.

Popular Hard and Soft Tissue Procedures

  • Caries removal
  • Cavity preparation
  • Enamel etching
  • Exposure of unerupted teeth
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Gingivectomy
  • Gingival troughing for crown impressions
  • Implant exposure
  • Frenectomy
  • Benign and malignant lesion removal
  • Operculectomy
  • Preprosthetic surge
  • Flabby alveolar ridge
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Gingival hyperplasia
  • Epulides
  • Reduction of gingival hypertrophy
  • Soft tissue crown lengthening
  • Sulcular debridement
  • Biopsies
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses
  • Tooth preparation to obtain access to root canal
  • Pulpotomy
  • Pulp extirpation
  • Root canal debridement and cleaning
  • Root canal preparation
  • Oral lesions
  • Canker sores
  • Cold sores
  • Oral herpes
  • Papiloma
  • Fibroma

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