The Prettau® Dental Implant Bridge

The Prettau Implant Bridge represents the latest in dental implant technology. It gives patients an excellent option when it comes to tooth replacement options.With a Prettau Dental Implant Bridge, patients can expect a natural-looking result that functions just as natural teeth would. This is oftentimes the most chosen option for patients who are eligible for implants, bridges, or dentures.

In fact, some dentists are still providing the “old” denture implants bridges— the same implant bridges that have been done since 1965. But Dr. Bram is qualified and trained to place Prettau Implant Bridges instead of “all-on-four” implants or bridges.


Benefits of the Prettau Dental Implant Bridge


  • Prettau Implant Bridges are free of metal, which means patients who have allergies to metal materials can still get implants without having to worry about adverse reactions.
  • The results of Prettau Implants Bridges are natural looking. They are made to fit perfectly and comfortably with your jaw; and the shade (color) will match with your teeth and gums for a beautiful smile. Actually, no one will even notice that you have implants!
  • The zirconia material is very strong so patients don’t have to worry about the implants chipping.
  • Just like traditional dental implants, Prettau Implant Bridges will help you eat, chew, and speak naturally, comfortably, and with ease.

Simply put, Prettau Dental Implant Bridges significantly changed the lives of many patients. If you have missing teeth and live in the Bayside, NY area, call Dr. Gary Bram today to find out if Prettau Dental Implant Bridges are the best option for your smile.